global marketing agency in the field of education headquartered in Moscow. Our experience and international perspective are attributes which help us to successfully accomplish our mission – promotion of foreign educational organizations in Russia and CIS.
Within our 6-years experience we organized more than 170 events and promoted an impressive number of institutions.
Using a great experience specifically in education field, we choose the most suitable format for the particular university on the basis of its specialization and actual trends and requests of audience.
We perfectly know how to organize education fairs, presentations, open days, seminars, lectures, webinars, talks, master classes, one-to-one meetings, exams, alumni reunions in the most efficient way.
Promoting exclusively foreign universities in the territory of Russia and CIS, we create an opportunity for Russian and CIS’s students to get to know about perspectives for continuing their education and making careers abroad.
Hosting venues in different cities, we do consider the characteristics of location, the specificities of perception and expectations of audience, and share this precious information with our clients.
We analyze databases, considering demographic factors, the level of education, the grade of interest and special requests of potential future students in order to select the target audience.
We apply only the most efficient strategies and methods of online&offline promotion to guarantee a certain numer of attendees.
Over many years we are collaborating with leading universities and each season host venues of different scale and format. Among our partners there are Russian and CIS’s universities, language schools, educational media, organizators of cultural festivals.
Our events are supported by Embassies, Consulates, Institutes of Culture, state and private organizations.
By choosing START! you will have a real opportunity to go global and meet personally the most eligible candidates from Russia and CIS.